Our advantages

Our advantages

USK Markets Group Ltd was the first company to offer online investments in margins such as foreign exchange, futures, equities and indices. Specialized in providing telephone transactions and online transactions for individuals or institutions.

    USK was established in the UK to legally provide margin trading on online foreign exchange, futures, stocks and indices. The separation of client funds and working capital is protected by insurance companies.

    USK is a pioneer in online trading. The online trading software is the most complete, high-speed and stable in the industry, with language platforms in more than ten countries including English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and African. In addition to real-time transactions through the software, the account is also updated in real time, and the client does not use complicated calculations to determine where the investment is going.

    In addition to serving individual investors, USK is also known for its services to companies and institutions. In terms of analytical research, it is used and regularly ordered by major foreign exchange institutions and websites, such as Multex.com, Reuters, Morgan, G.E. Capital, and Bank Corporation.

    The margin trading offered by USK is the most competitive. Regardless of the investors of each country, the investment in USK can also obtain the most favorable bank spread transaction, which is equivalent to the transaction price of large funds and institutions. At present, only USK provides commission-free foreign exchange, CFD stocks, indices and futures including S&P500 and Dow Jones Index.

    In the near future, USK will introduce different investment projects with the same benefits, so that customers can enjoy the most favorable and perfect investment services at home. To learn more about USK, you can browse other pages on this site.

    USK Markets Group Ltd officially won the National Futures Association NFA regulatory license in 2017, the supervision number is: 0507172, please click here for the enquiry address.

    USK Markets Group Ltd is a UK foreign exchange company and is regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (FSC). Regulatory registration number: 1913269, enquiry number: 95A87C8797, please click here for the enquiry address.

    At the same time, USK Markets Group Ltd established a company in Seychelles and is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority with registration number: 182368.

Our advantages

International Group

USK is designed to do business around the world and provide great service to every client

Transparent and fair

You will receive what we promise and there is no concealment clause, regardless of the size of investment.

Funds safety

All the client funds are deposited in the AA-level international bank of the world.Customers’ funds are isolated with the working capital.

Convenient and rapid

All of our systems are built on a customer-centric principle. For example, our account opening procedures, deposit and withdrawal, and transactions, which are very easy for clients to trade.

Stable trading platform

Millisecond transaction speed, stable and safe, and you can trade fast and easily on our strong MT4 trading platform.

Competitive spreads

Ample liquidity and depth of the market get favorable quotes and high-quality trading experience for customers.