Crude Oil Transaction

Crude Oil Transaction

Crude Oil is always regarded as the most important commodities in the global market. The crude oil trade has developing rapidly along with the daily price. The top three oil producers in the world are Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States.
Crude Oil is defined as a kind of natural generated flammable liquids. It usually existed in geological structure where below the surface of the Earth. The crude oil is considered can be separated and refining of raw material which can be made into a lot of consumer products such as gasoline, asphalt, heating oil, diesel oil and etc. In hence, the crude oil price will waved by the global supply-demand relationship. The Crude Oil is counted by barrels. One standard hand of crude oil means 1000 barrels. Moreover, the Crude Oil price is calculated by dollars and cents. So far, WTI, Brent and NatGas is the most popular crude oil products in investors.

Advantage of Crude Oil

  • Tradable oil, natural gas and other energy products
  • High Liquidity
  • Competitive Spreads
  • Leverage Products – Suitable for long and short term speculation
  • Low Margin Requirements

Oil trading product introduction

Code Measurement unit Minimum contract unit
(standard lot)
Maximum trading volume (lot)
USO/USD USD 0.01 20
UKO/USD USD 0.01 20