Foreign trading

The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market by volume. According to the bank for international settlements (BIS), the volume of global foreign exchange transactions in 2013 was up to $5.3 trillion and continued to grow. Compared to stocks, bonds and other financial markets, foreign exchange market has 24 hours continuous trading, fair and transparent, high liquidity, low lever mechanism, the transaction cost advantages, and thus become the people eagerly sought after investment field. Baiksia can provide customers with 28 kinds of foreign exchange of major currencies, including dollars, euros, pounds, yen, c, etc., investors can choose according to experience of trading habits or one or more sets of currency to diversify.

Why exchange foreign exchange?

  • T+0 multi - air two-way selection.
  • The margin mechanism is small and large
  • Low cost transaction, no poundage
  • Big money is hard to control
  • lucrative

Hot currency introduction to products

Code Minimum order size Margin percentage Trading time(New York time)
EUR/USD 0.01 0.5%~2% Mon-Fri:17:05-16:59
USD/JPY 0.01 0.5%~2% Mon-Fri:17:05-16:59
GBP/USD 0.01 0.5%~2% Mon-Fri:17:05-16:59
USD/CHF 0.01 0.5%~2% Mon-Fri:17:05-16:59