MT4 For Mobile

MT4 For Mobile

You can log in your mobile device. Whether it is Iphone, Ipad or Android phones, tablet, you can log in MT4 platform and trade with unsurpassed transaction execution speed. So, no matter where you are, no matter what mobile device you use, it's easy to access and instantly complete your transactions.

MT4 for iOS

By the use of MetaQuotes mobile client, you can enjoy the stable speed of the MT4 foreign exchange transactions. The users can download the MT4 software through the iTunes store, and can also scan the two-dimensional code for downloading and installation.

MT4 for Android

All the Android mobile users can link their MT4 foreign exchange account with the official MetaQuotes mobile terminal. Users can enjoy fast and safe mobile foreign exchange trading at any time and anywhere on an android mobile. Android mobile users can download mobile terminal at the Google Play store, and Chinese mainland users scan two dimensional codes for download and installation.

Why Baiksia platform different?

Chart standard

31 kinds of chart analysis tools, 30 technical indicators. You can set your own specifications and time-limited mode. Position indicators and technical parameters are shown in the chart.

Super fast order execution

MetaTrader 4 Server is cross-connected to our ECN, ensuring ultra-low latency and fast execution of your transactions, which low-latency environment is the ideal trading environment for both automated and high-frequency traders.

Customized indicators and scripts

Using the platform's programming language (MQL4) to create your own customized indicators, scripts and libraries, and even Expert Advisor Trader (EA).

Real ECN connection

True ECN connectivity allows you to liquidate at the banking agency level such as the world's leading investment banks, hedge funds and liquidity pools to execute place transactions that customers can trade fairly without an trading desk, price manipulation or re-quotes.

Low spreads

Our diversified portfolio of liquidity from as many as 50 different banking institutions means we can always provide our clients with high liquidity and keep our spreads low, especially during fast-moving markets , such as significant news releases.

Reliable leverage and trading amount

The default leverage is 1: 100. Traders can also apply to use higher leverage to meet their trading style, and give full play to their own manual and automatic trading strategies, the minimum transaction unit is 0.01.